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MUSIC GENRE Space Rock / Trance / Acoustic Rock
Artist Name Incubus Lovechild
Email Address
Website URL
Home Town Shrewsbury, Shropshire
Country United Kingdom (UK) Artist Logo
. .
Hawkwind, Pink Floyd, Nine Inch Nails, 70's Psychedelic rock, 80's Heavy Metal & 90's Logic Trance
Hawkwind, Rage Against The Machine, Motorhead, Accept, Pink Floyd, Nine Inch Nails, Black Sabbath, Slayer, Saxon, Spirit, AC/DC, Jethro Tull, Metallica, Leonard Cohen, Nirvana
Mark "Skidder" Edwards Vocals
. Electric / Acoustic Guitars
. Bass Guitar
. Sequenced Keyboards
. Strangeness
Artist Photograph
Incubus Lovechild was born out of sheer boredom around 1994. After wasting most of my teenage years playing "Air" guitar to my favourite rock bands, it wasn't until my mid-twenties that I decided it was time to buy the real thing! The name came from an on-the-spot response when being introduced on stage at a local pub talent night and trying to think of something intellectual - Incubus being a mythological demon that impregnated virgin women in their dreams - the lovechild being me - the demon spawn! (sick sense of humour). All of of the material I've produced has been via lash-up home studios based around various places I've lived in - "Ressurected - The early daze" CD was almost completely recorded on an ancient Amstrad Studio 100 in a cramped loft space measuring 10ft by 3ft! Luckily, nowadays I've a converted spare bedroom and much better equipment to record with. Currently using a Korg D8 digital 8-track studio.
No plans to become the next King of rock - a little long in the tooth age-wise for that scene now. Id be content to continue to write and record my original material specifically for another, more talented artist / band, and in the meantime aim for greater airplay on the great webcast radio show over at !
Incubus Lovechild is always interested in hearing new material by independent artists. Has recently produced a local band's debut CD and enjoys both the aspects of engineering the material and producing the CD packaging designs.
Title Format Release Date Tracks Music Genre
BLUE Cassette Oct. 1995 17 Rock / Acoustic Rock
BAND OF GOLD (Single) CD / Cassette Aug. 1998 2 Soft Rock

RESURRECTED - The Early Daze

CD May 2001 13 Rock / Space Rock / Trance
CYBER ASSASSIN E.P. CD Oct. 2001 6 Space Rock / Trance

Album Retailers

All releases can be obtained through SkidMark Multimedia (email for availability). The "Cyber Assassin E.P." is an release and is available there at the artist's page.